Another X Factor No.1

Do I have to be pleased about Ben Haenow’s Christmas no.1 because he comes from Croydon (where I’ve grown up)?  The Croydon Advertiser says I do, but I used to deliver that newspaper – it’s trash.

I think I’ll pass.

The first reason is that his chart topping single is a cover… and the second is that he’s another X-factor winner.  How incredibly boring is that?  How predictable!

Congrats to him, of course. It’s still an achievement. Hurrah.

The music industry often makes more money in this quarter of the year than it does in the other three put together.  Doesn’t it seem a shame to anyone else that the charts are dominated by corporate, machine-made pop at this time?

The rise of DIY music isn’t being reflected in remuneration.

A lecturer at uni was theorising that there might be a renewed surge in politically motivated, anti-consumerist, anti-mainstream – potentially anti-capitalist – music by the end of the decade.  I’d like that.  I’d love to be part of it… part of keeping it and its spirit out of the hands of the Simon Cowells of this world.

We’ll see.

Just some more food for thought, anyway…