Cut-Throat Bullshit and Asking “Why?”

Just wanted to share this article about Russell Brand’s “Revolution”.  (Mark Steel’s comment pieces for the Independent are always brilliant – get reading; you won’t regret it!)

The most effective complaint about Brand’s call to arms is that it’s confused. Of course it is, it’s all over the place. “He poses only questions but has no solutions,” it’s claimed. Which is also true, but in a world in which it’s accepted by all major parties that banks and giant corporations and vast inequality are inevitable and can’t be curtailed, the most radical act can be to ask why.

Similarly, if the house is burning down, you can yell, “Oi! We need to scarper from the smokey-wokey or we’re destined to become victims of the old asphyxiation my lovelies!”, or you can reply, “Oh how long-winded and confused. In any case I don’t see you offering any solutions as to how you would wire the electrics more safely. Sod you, I’ll stay here where it’s cosy.

As far as I’m concerned, this applies to everything.  The government, capitalism as a whole… stuffy old out-dated industries like the Music Biz…  #justsaying

I was also going to share a blog post on the Lefsetz Letters about “Today’s World”.  Read it if you’re interested, but I think most of it is bullshit.  All that macho cut-throat business is nonsense.

By contrast, an article on The Guardian about socialist entrepreneurship, which I have bookmarked and have read countless times, is much more enlightening.  The next time I hear or read anything (in regards to business) along the lines of “that’s just how it is”, I’ll throw myself out of the nearest window.  That mindset is bullshit and even its pedallers know it.

As a socialist entrepreneur I want to make a profit but not at any price. I want to make a profit by offering a product that has genuine use and value, a service that is personal and helpful, and by creating a company that is honest, open and accountable. I want to make a profit while paying people fairly, respecting labour laws and the British tax system. I want to prove that it’s possible to have principles and make a profit.

Some food for thought!